Nothing is rarer than real goodness.


We believe that the key to “goodness” lies in two essential factors: meticulous selection of ingredients and great love and dedication to your job.

Like the alchemists of the past, we are constantly searching for the “Philosopher’s Stone” of flavour: a formula that gives our creations an unmistakable taste.


Ever since our bakery was founded back in 1959, we have strived to provide our customers with delicious, wholesome and healthy products.

Flour, eggs and butter are the core ingredients in the doughs and mixtures that become our sweet and savoury items. We masterfully mix these ingredients to create the unique flavours in the FORNO PIN selection.

A key part of our approach is to use locally sourced products whenever possible.


For more than 50 years, Molino di Pordenone (a local mill) has been providing us with a special blend of flours that is ideal for making a wide range of types of bread, including rustic loaves, baguettes and olive oil bread.

Meanwhile, our durum wheat flour comes from the renowned producers of Altamura in Puglia.

We also use a variety of fibre-packed wholemeal flours, oat flours, multigrain flours and turmeric flours, not to mention potato, barley and rice flours.


All of the eggs that we use in our sweet and savoury products are free range and locally sourced from trusted farms.


We mainly use artisan butter from Belgium and Germany.

The butter is made exclusively with fresh cream and it gives our products an unmistakable, breathtaking flavour and aroma.

Vegetable margarine is used for some products.

Follow the rhythm of the seasons

It is now well established that seasonal products that have naturally ripened at the right time of year not only taste better but also have superior nutritional properties.

Therefore, whenever possible at FORNO PIN we try to use products that follow the natural rhythm of the seasons.

For example, we select seasonal fruit when we make apple tarts and strudels, which means Royal Gala apples in August, Golden Delicious in September, Fuji in October and Stark in November.