We want to be on everyone’s lips!

FORNO PIN launched its travelling sales service a few years ago to take its artisan products directly to customers for promotion purposes.
We have a sales representative with a specially equipped vehicle who pays regular visits to existing and potential customers so that they can stock up and take a look at our latest products.

The travelling sales service offers two significant benefits:

1 – New supplies can be delivered directly to existing customers, thus saving them from the effort of coming to collect them and therefore boosting their loyalty..

2 – It gives potential customers the chance to try FORNO PIN’s artisan products before buying them.

The service covers a large area and it is provided by Puntodoppiozero, which is FORNO PIN’s distribution company.

The travelling sales service is available in the following areas:
The Pordenone foothills (including Aviano, Piancavallo, Dardago, Budoia, Marsure, Giais, and Malnisio).
Montereale, Barcis and Valcellina (including Andreis and Claut).
All of the Pordenone plain and part of the Udine plain, stretching as far as Vittorio Veneto, Conegliano, Pieve di Cadore and Tai di Cadore in Veneto.

At present, the service does not cover Northern Carnia, or the Provinces of Trieste and Gorizia.

Do you run a Hotel or a Bed & Breakfast? Would you like to offer your guests wholesome products with an inimitable taste?
Check out the FORNO PIN service for the hospitality industry.