This is our crowning glory. We provide establishments such as hotels and B&Bs with our finest cakes and sweet treats so that they can offer their guests wholesome, freshly baked specialities every day.

A prompt delivery service is provided by Puntodoppiozero, which is FORNO PIN’s distribution company. Give your guests a warm welcome with our fresh products.

Below is a list of our products for the hospitality industry:

Tarts with traditional shortcrust pastry

  • Strawberry, ricotta and chocolate
  • Fresh apple and lemon
  • Fresh apple and apricot
  • Apricot
  • Mixed berries

Tarts with chocolate shortcrust pastry

  • Orange marmalade
  • Apricot jam
  • Ricotta and chocolate


  • Chocolate chip biscuits;
  • Cocoa and orange biscuits;
  • Wholemeal biscuits;
  • Bussolà biscuits;
  • Lemon and ginger biscuits;
  • Organic saffron biscuits;
  • Wholewheat biscuits with almonds;
  • Hazelnuts and chocolate chips biscuits;
  • Cocoa biscuits;
  • Violet and chocolate chips biscuits;
  • Caramel and salted peanuts biscuits.


  • Strudel with apples or apples and cinnamon
  • Strudel with mixed berries
  • Strudel with apples and lemon
  • Strudel with grilled apples and apricots
  • Strudel with pears and almonds

Other specialities

  • Gubana cake;
  • Various types of Panettone;
  • Apple cake without butter;
  • Classic Veneziana cake;
  • Veneziana cake with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips;
  • Veneziana cake with nib sugar;
  • Veneziana cake with Albori organic saffron;
  • Veneziana cake with chopped pistachios from Bronte and white chocolate chips;
  • Veneziana cake with hazelnuts and chocolate drops.

Why choose us?

Product know-how built on more than 60 years of experience.

Modified atmosphere packaging service.

Material to inform guests about product characteristics.

30-day shelf life for fresh products.

Delivery to your door by FORNO PIN’s service.