“Freshly baked bread and wet earth after rain are the best, most blessed of smells.”

Ardengo Soffici (1879 – 1964 Italian painter, writer and poet)


Talking about bread takes us back to our roots.
When we started out more than 60 years ago, we were entirely dedicated to baking bread. From the very first day, our number one goal was to provide our customers with superior, wholesome products.

Our selection of different types of white and speciality bread has always been one of our greatest strengths.
Below is a brief overview of the products on sale in our stores.

White bread

The items in our white bread selection include milk bread, olive oil bread, Trionfo bread, crusty Ciabatta, baguettes, long rustic loaves and Pugliese bread.

Speciality bread

To make our speciality bread, we use wholemeal flour and flour with linseeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa seeds and sesame seeds.
The selection also includes turmeric bread and loaves made with rice flour, potato flour and rye flour. These types of flour ensure that the bread is long-lasting. Even after a couple of days, it still tastes great.
We also make iodine-packed long rustic loaves (Filone Rustichello) with barley flour, oat flour, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

Pan Ortica is a type of “nettle bread” made with plain flour, rye flour, malted barley flour, nettle leaves, mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and linseed) and wheat bran.

Troppo Buono is a type of bread made with remilled durum wheat semolina, strong flour, malted wheat flour, rolled oats, mixed seeds and turmeric.

Finally, we have bread made with remilled durum wheat semolina that comes in three main shapes: baguettes, long loaves and little, round Pugliese loaves.

Il Salus

Among the 40 or so types of bread that we currently make, a special mention should go to SALUS.
As well as being low in fat, calories and carbohydrates, it is high in fibre and contains Beta-glucans, which can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, SALUS bread is low in sodium and packed with protein.