It all started in 1959…

FORNO PIN was founded in 1959, a year when Barbie dolls made their debut in shops, the first Zecchino d’Oro song festival was broadcast on television, and new forms of technology were helping to usher in an industrial and economic boom in Italy.

A new venture

Aurelio Pin had built up invaluable experience working for the renowned Zanin family of bakers, who were behind the famous “Doria” brand. He made the bold decision to give up his stable job and embark on a tough but incredible adventure by opening the FORNO PIN bakery with his wife Giselda in Fiume Veneto, near Pordenone. All of the types of bread and sweet baked goods in their selection were made with simple, natural ingredients and techniques.

A tale of natural delights

In a market where wholesomeness and quality are often sacrificed in favour of quantity, FORNO PIN endeavours to keep alive baking traditions that revolve around the key concept of simple, natural products.

The story continues, with a blend of
tradition and innovation…

In recent years, research and innovation have paved the way to new creations and fresh takes on traditional types of bread and cakes.

All of the sweet and savoury items in the FORNO PIN selection are made with the support of local producers and they are completely free of preservatives, additives and any other substances that would detract from their traditional natural qualities.

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